Door Closer Service

Because a glass door is no good if it doesn’t function…

Faulty or damaged door closers and exit devices can not only been a nuisance, they can be a threat to your business’s security and your employee’s and customer’s safety. They can result in failed fire inspections and other safety inspections. Installing, maintaining, and repairing various brands and styles of commercial door closers and exit devices since 1944, Lubbock Glass and Mirror Company has the experience and expertise you can count on to ensure your doors are swinging, shutting, or staying shut as they should be.

Exit Devices :: Exit devices play a significant role in the safety and security of human lives as well as property. These devices are designed so that a door can remain locked from the outside while allowing easy exit out of the building in the event of an emergency. While the average person might not have heard of the term “exit device,” their existence is plentiful considering every commercial building in North America is outfitted with one or more of these devices. Without proper function, though, exit devices can risk lives and property. A small list of some of the exit devices we install and service include:
o Crash Bar / Panic Bar Exit Devices
o Push to Exit / Handicap Exit Devices
o Rim Style Exit Devices
o Mortise Lock Exit Devices
o Surface / Concealed Exit Devices
o UL Fire Rated and ANSI Rated Exit Devices

Door Closer Devices:: Door closer devices usually aren’t noticed until they are not functioning correctly. As the name states, these devices close a door automatically after entering or exiting. These devices, though the concept may be simple, can be complex, and it takes someone with experience and know-how to install and repair them for maximum durability and longevity. A short list of some of the door closer devices we deal with often include:
o Pneumatic Door Closer Devices
o Hinge Pin Door Closer Devices
o Multi-Size Door Closer Devices
o Barrier-Free Door Closer Devices
o Surface Mounted Door Closer Devices
o Concealed or Hidden Door Closer Devices
o In-Floor Door Closer Devices
o Auto Equalizer Door Closers (ADA Approved)
o Low Energy Door Closers
o Lightweight or Heavy Duty Door Closers
o UL Fire Rated and ANSI Rated Closer Devices

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