Custom Glass Table Top

Glass offers high design, protection, and easy maintenance.

There are many reasons why people choose to integrate glass into their furnishings. For one, it is so easy to clean. Plus, the finish is not easily ruined, making it a good surface material for tables and other pieces of furniture. As long as glass is used properly in safe places, it is the ideal material for furniture tops.

Dining tables seem to be one of the most common uses for glass in regards to furniture. It is one of the most requested items for in-shop cutting and polishing, especially for round tables. It may be that the customer’s existing table top has been broken or cracked; however, it is easy to say that many requests arise for design. Customers often want to change the style or shape of glass or add glass to a unique table base.

Glass table tops are a great tool for small and large rooms alike. Its transparency gives the illusion of more space within a room. The light is able to pass through the glass to illuminate the entire room, whereas other opaque furniture materials create dark shadows. Another neat design feature of a glass table top is that all items sitting on the table have the illusion that they are floating mid-air. Whether your tastes are minimalist, contemporary, or traditional, glass table tops can be a powerful tool in your room design.

Glass Furniture Top ProtectorsAnother popular use for glass is to create a classy, protective layer over furniture items like nightstands, dressers, end tables, desks, mantles, etc. It adds a layer of depth to the furniture while acting as a barrier between potentially damaging items and your wood furniture. Suddenly, that glass of ice water that sits on the nightstand or that heavy, sharp bulldog statue that your husband won’t let you get rid of on the dresser is no longer a threat to that beautiful stained mahogany finish on your bedroom suit. The half-chewed fruit snacks that your toddler left on the end table in the living room is a cinch to clean and disinfect. Your wood desk can be free of indentions from every pen stroke and bleeding from permanent markers. Fingernail polish, ink, and other stains can be cleaned or carefully scraped from glass, whereas the same processes would ruin your wood furniture finish.

Glass Conference Table with Etched LogoIn addition, glass table tops and furniture protectors offer the same great benefits of high design and low maintenance in commercial settings as they do in residential settings.
Our shop is equipped with the machinery and professionals to make table and furniture tops to your specification. We can cut to measure and polish to design. We can start with any color, thickness, or texture glass available. We can cut just about any shape, including intricate or rounded corners. We can offer many edge polish designs, like bevel, bull-nose, and many more.

Note: For health and safety reasons, we will only use tempered glass for table and furniture tops. In fact, tempered glass is often referred to as safety glass. The tempering process requires extreme heat when “cooking” the glass. Then, out of the oven, the glass is quenched and blasted with compressed air over the entire surface, cooling the surface faster than the center of the glass sheet. This process causes the center to pull away from the surface and remain under around 24000 PSI of tension (for reference, regular glass is under pressure of 6000 PSI. In the event that this tempered glass breaks, it will break into small square pieces rather than sharp jagged shards. These small pieces should not injure anyone, whereas the sharp pieces of regular glass could result in serious harm.

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