Commercial Glass Repair

No need to cry over broken glass!

Glass is a wondrous material. Its translucency offers outsiders a controlled peek to the opposite side. Its clean, shiny appearance offers freshness and simple style. Its durableness, longevity, and easy maintenance make it a jewel among many building materials. But, let’s face it, glass is breakable. And whether it is due to inclement weather, vandalism, or just freak accidents, glass can, and likely will, break at some point.

When glass breaks at your place of business, it can be stressful. This breakage may compromise your company’s security, safety, and aesthetics. For this reason, Lubbock Glass and Mirror Company offer 24-hour board-up and repair services. We vow to provide removal and replacement services quickly in a manor that will be least intrusive to your daily business happenings.

For the sake of your customers, employees, yourself, and your worker’s compensation plan, don’t leave breakage removal to anyone but the professionals. Improper removal can lead to injury, irreparable damage to framing, and a variety of other negative outcomes that can cost you heavily in the long run. Our timely removal services are a great investment! In addition, we can replace the glass on the same trip as the removal in most cases (where special order is not necessary), leaving you with a painless repair and a smile on your face.

Don’t have broken glass yet? Keep our information on file, easily accessible, in case of emergencies. Contact us for business card magnet or Rolodex card today so our information is readily available when you need it!

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