Kermeer Versoleil Sunshades by Lubbock Glass & Mirror

Offering superior design, light control, and efficiency…

If you are after unique asthetics and energy efficiency, the Kawneer Versoleil Sunshade system offers the best of both. The system is pre-engineered for both curtain wall and storefront applications and comes in both single and multiple blade configurations. With eight different blade styles ranging from 6″ to 14″ wide, six different fascia styles, and dozens of different color and finish options, the Versoleil Sunshades can meet your vision for nearly any project under the sun… literally!

In a market that is rapidly sharpening its focus on energy conservation in commercial building design, the Versoleil system meets this demand. When strategically placed, the sunshades allow for maximum daylighting while minimizing direct sunlight penetration and reducing solar heat gain. In addition to increased sun control and energy savings, our sunshades also earn LEED credits in three categories:
– Materials & Resources – Recycled Content
– Energy & Atmosphere – Optimized Energy Performance
– Indoor Environmental Quality – Daylight and Views

Multiblade Examples:

Multiblade Sunshade Blade Choices by Lubbock Glass

Sunshade Examples by Lubbock Glass & Mirror

Sunshade Examples from Lubbock Glass & Mirror

Singleblade Examples:

Single blade sunshade from Lubbock Glass

Single Blade Sunshade Options from Lubbock Glass

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