High Resiliency Glass Introduced to Market

This last weekend at the IMFA’s World Workplace Conference and Expo in Phoenix, Arizona, the industry was introduced to Guardian’s latest development, DiamondGuard high endurance glass.

IMFA, which stands for International Facility Management Association, is the world’s largest and most widely recognized international association for professional facility managers, supporting more than 20,000 members in 78 countries. Their annual World Workplace event is the largest, most longstanding and well-respected annual conference and exposition for facility management and related professions. Because DiamondGuard will be a gem to facility management firms across the world, this was an ideal place to introduce the new product line.

Guardian boasts that DiamondGuard is 10 times more scratch resistant than regular glass, and for facility managers, that translates to longer life for the glass and minimized need for costly replacement. This resiliency also lends nicely to sustainable building, as minimal replacement means minimal waste. DiamondGuard has an extremely low coefficient of friction due to it being permanently fused with carbon, making the surface extra strong and protected from scratching, smudging, and clouding. Guardian’s patented vacuum deposition process used to manufacture this glass was developed in direct response to the requests of facilities managers for a more durable glass product.

At the expo, attendees were invited to do a scratch test to see for themselves how DiamondGuard’s scratch resistance and highly transparent qualities make it perfect for high-traffic areas. Its interior applications include doors, wall panels, partitions, store fixtures, display cases, tabletops, cabinets, shelving, furniture and mirrors.

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